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Bastiat Free University

Bastiat Free University

student directed learning for visionaries and entrepreneurs

Welcome to Bastiat Free University.

Are you ready to start learning?

The world has changed.  As part of the emerging netcohort you are one of the creators of a new society that revolves around relationships.  Your skills, knowledge, reputation, and desire to accomplish can impel you to the top of the age of empowered individuals.

Bastiat Free University is being created to assist you in redeveloping a love of learning, the re-rediscovery of your passions, and to aid you in seeking opportunities. Personal choice is your key - you can do with your life what you will - why not do your best?

Warning! Bastiat Free University is no more

It was a good idea when it was introduced

but it has been surpassed by better online options

There are many who have learned at BFU

The basic courses are still here

-- BUT --

Bastiat Free University will no longer be maintained.

It's been a good run.

Do some research -- find something better.

In our new world, better keeps changing.

Create a better world by crafting a better you.

Do it for yourself this time.

You have the power with your technology to make a difference

Only individuals, and their small groups, can create a better future for us all

It's up to you.

If this is your first day at BFU, click the register prompt under login. There is no charge for registration to view the following pages or to monitor classes. Your BFU education is without fees, your only costs will be the materials and books you may decide to acquire. We are not only free as in free speech, we are for now free as in free ride. Your support will help Bastiat Free University extend and improve its services, thank you for any contribution.

We may send an occasional update and a quarterly e-zine to keep students informed - our twitter name is BFuniv; tweets most weekdays. We are growing and changing, that will not stop. If you will keep striving to implement your most audacious dreams, we will continue to keep seeking ways to help you achieve them.

You will have questions, most of them will be answered in the links to the left:

* How to take a class
* Help Us - Help You
* Course Homework.

Further information can be had at the one page lens on BFU and at your BFU quick info faq.
If you want to develop courses, visit the Netcohort Institute. Once you are done with the basics;

Log in and let's start rediscovering the excitement and pleasures of learning.


Allan Wallace

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Bastiat Free University, Quarterly Review

Published on : 06/05/2009 04:36 - Bastiat Free University is continuing to grow. Let's take a look at what the next decade may bring.

Unveiling the Netcohort Institute

Published on : 06/11/2008 07:06 - The Netcohort Institute has come out to play,
in an alpha test sort of way.

Go take a look at the initial layout, and then give us some ideas on improvement. Your thoughts are important in the shaping of peer to peer education.

(smiling) there is no charge for that

Published on : 09/01/2008 18:53 - A change of direction for Bastiat Free University.

We have decided to temporarily drop any charges for accessing Bastiat Free University for any purpose. This will not effect current students, but for new students it means there will no longer be a degree track and no certificates will be offered. To understand the reasoning consider the sequence our thoughts followed.