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Rules of Finance

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Consensus and other Dangers

the larger the crowd, the dumber



Disregard the majority opinion, it is probably wrong, especially at extremes! Always distrust emotions.

Avoid putting down roots. Do not become trapped in a souring venture because of sentiments like loyalty or nostalgia. If you drive a Chevy, you don't have to keep your GM stock. Don't marry your investments, they don't love you. The stock does not know you bought it, and will not care that you sold it. Take the small loss and find a better venture. Time = Money, don't put them on hold. Never hesitate to abandon a deal if something more attractive comes into view. Jump at the better looking venture. Don't let short term blips distract you from a formulated goal; know the volitility of an investment before you purchase it.

Don't be tied to things or possesions. Things can bind. Stay Mobile, root in relationships, not to things. The only thing God is taking off this planet is people.

Never follow Speculative fads. Often, the best time to buy something is when nobody else wants it! Sell when everybody wants it!


You can be perfectly right on the event, but wrong on the time, and lose on your speculation. Inevitable does not mean immediate. The bigger the expected event, the longer it will take to happen! Well bought, (in price and time), is half sold, (profitably!).

We hope you have enjoyed and profited from the journey into finance.

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