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When the ship starts to sink, Jump!

When you are in a hole, STOP DIGGING!


A most important concept is money management.

The keys to money management are:
* Keep losses small.
* Let profits run.
* Never commit too much to one venture.

Accept small losses cheerfully as a fact of life, plan for them. Expect to experience several while waiting for a large gain. Like poker, the commission and a small loss are the ante; if you don't have a wining hand, GET OUT! The first loss is the best loss. Wait for a good hand. After a loss make the next bet smaller. Don't try to recover your loss in a risky trade.

You don't have to trade, wait until you are almost sure of success, then bet enough to make a difference. The mob is sometimes right, but only in the middle of a move. At the extremes the crowd piles in or out in droves. Find a long term position contrary to massive group emotions, and hold on. Being where everyone will want to be in five years allows you to build a position slowly and carefully, starting a year or two too soon is great if you have the finances to wait.

As an example, the internet boom of the 1990s led to a crash, but the internet is probably here to stay. Now would be a good time to start and build a successful internet business with a plan to profit as we come out of the recesion/ depression that we are just now entering. Think of going public at the next boom peak in 2010 or 2020.

A great book, a fun read, and a great value; that describes a book written under the pseudonym of Adam Smith, The Money Game. Read the whole thing to learn a lot about stock market reality. Read Chapter 8 twice, and learn how building your own business can make you very wealthy.

Consider how easy it is to start an internet company today. Think about how inexpensive it is to start an internet company today. Think of all the regulation and red tape you avoid with an internet business as opposed to a brick and mortar operation. If you are a bit intimidated by the process, go read a free report by a feller that writes much better than I do. He has lots of tools to help you get started making money on the internet. All reports I've read on this guy are positive, he knows his stuff. Check him out and form your own opinion. take advantage of a free trial download. Judge the value for yourself. It will be your business, you want to be in charge!

Starting your own business will not make you rich overnight. I recall a story told by a great speaker named Zig Ziglar. To paraphrase: an older lady came to Zig and said she wanted to get a college degree. Her problem was it would take 4 years, and in 4 years she would be 75 years old. Zig put it in perspective, "How old will you be in 4 years if you don't get the degree?" To apply that to your new business plan to go public in 15 or 20 years, How old will you be then if you don't attempt to create wealth? You may find in the meantime that you are able to create enough income to leave your current job, or move to a new home, or....

A friend of mine that runs a top quality restaurant told me, "Opening a new restaurant is the easiest way in the world to either make or lose a million dollars." This from a guy who knew his business in and out, he was raised in his fathers hotel in Europe, and had attended the best training in hospitality the world has to offer.

By comparison, starting your own internet company may be a good way to lose a bit of money and time, or make a steady income, or longer term create a great deal of wealth. As an added plus, moving your business to a better place for you to live is just as easy as plugging in a new computer when you get there. Can't do that with a restaurant.

The site for that feller with the good information on starting your own successful internet business?     Right Here!



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