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Introduction to a five page article of tried and true investment strategies.

Making Money in the Markets

This is not a "how I made a million in the market" story; nor is it an article that tells you how to make a million. This is a series of guidelines that tell you how to survive and make money in many different types of markets. Here you will find how others have found monetary success and how you can do the same. What worked for me with specific speculations twenty five years ago no longer works. What worked for me two years ago is not what will work this year. Markets change, asset groups that you invest in change, everything changes; except you.

All markets have many risks, all investments are speculation; there is just one key to making money in markets. This is a site that will tell you what doesn't change so you can prepare yourself. No one cares more about your property than you. You are the key to your personal success and prosperity!



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Per the Speculation Rules anti-investment site:
"No one cares more about your money than you - unless they plan to use or steal your money."


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